Ace The Race With These No-Nonsense Training Plans

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. Love of the race, that is.

Certainly that’s what Tennyson meant. Just check out lines 168-169. All. About. Racing.


With race season just beginning, there’s no better time to pick the races you want to run this season. And, with that, to decide on a training plan.

However, finding the perfect training plan isn’t always easy. In fact, the most common questions I receive are from runners looking for training plans that will help them perform their best in their upcoming races.

Well search no more, Midpack Readers. Presented for your approval are a pair of solid training plans for the most commonly run race distances: the 5k and the marathon. If your fancy’s lightly turned, these two plans will get you off the couch, and over the finish line.

New to running? Complete your first 5k in style.

Ready, Set, Go! 5k BlueprintFinishing your first 5k is a right of passage for new runners. As a distance, it’s long enough to provide a challenge, but short enough that you can fit training into even the busiest of schedules.

The 5k is a chance to test your mettle, and discover the strength and confidence you never knew you had. You never forget the feeling of finishing your first race. Crossing the finish line is a rush that draw countless people back time and time again.

If you’re ready to feel the rush, and have been thinking of unleashing your inner runner, Fit Marriage’s Ready, Set, Go! Blueprints have a plan to get you there.

Developed by Fit Marriage coach and veteran runner, Nick Westbrook, this training plan is perfect for a beginning runner.

Over the course of six (6) weeks, you’ll gradually build from a 15 minute brisk walk to running a full 3.1 miles, your first 5k. The plan includes a good balance of running workouts and cross-training/flexibility work to help you stay limber and injury free all the way to the finish. And, as a nice bonus, the cross-training is all demonstrated via video so you can make sure you’re getting the best (and most correct) workout possible.

If you need another reason to check it out, the whole plan is completely free. If the 5k plan is for you, and you’re ready to start calling yourself a runner, click here to get the plan and get started.

Lusting for a challenge? Own your next marathon.

NoMeatAthlete's Marathon RoadmapLately, the marathon has been surging in popularity. More than 500 marathons are run worldwide each year.

Unfortunately, far too few runners go into the marathon fully prepared for its rigors. Yet more injure themselves by overtraining before ever reaching the starting corral.

That’s precisely what happened to Matt Frazier, author of No Meat Athlete, while training for his first marathon. He still ran the marathon, finishing in 4:52. Not a bad time for a guy who’d gotten a stress-fracture from improper training two months earlier.

However, since that first race, Matt’s learned a few things about training. Things that slashed his marathon time down to 3:09:59, and things that he happily shares in his new book, Marathon Roadmap: The Vegetarian Guide to Conquering Your First 26. 2.

If I lost you at vegetarian, bear with me. The vegetarianism is optional, and the plan is pure gold.

What’s inside?

The book lays out a twenty-four (24) week plan, which can be cut down to eighteen (18) weeks if you already comfortably run 15 or more miles per week. With cross-training, intervals, tempo runs, and hill sprints, there’s a lot of variety to keep you interested. At the same time, Matt builds in enough rest days and slow runs to make sure you make it to the starting corral unharmed.

I’d also add that the Marathon Roadmap plan can easily double as a half-marathon plan by simply cutting the mileage in half.

Even if it weren’t also full of a bunch more useful info, I’d buy this book just for the training plan. In fact, I did – the very first day it went on sale. It’s a field-tested plan with a lot of research and experience behind it, which is why I proudly affiliate it.

But there’s more to the book than just the training plan.

Still haven’t figured out your goal for your first (or next) marathon? There’s a chapter to help you determine your ideal marathon goal. Worried about how your form is affecting your running? Matt’s got some great tips on form correction. Afraid of forgetting something on race day? Covered.

Are you ready to join elite vegetarian athletes like Tony Horton, Bart Yasso, Scott Jurek, and Mike Tyson (bad example?) ? The Marathon Roadmap is chock full of great vegetarian recipes that even a carnivore can enjoy, even if only as side dishes.

Whether you’re running your first marathon, or your hundredth, there’s a takeaway for you in the Marathon Roadmap. So, if you’re ready to take your marathoning to the next level, click here to get the roadmap and make your next marathon your best ever.

What training plans have you found helpful? What are some middle-distance (8k, 10k, half-marathon) plans I should check out? Tell me in the comments.


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