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Introducing the Running Recipes Chia-Powered Sole Food Cookbook

Woo Hoo!

For the last several months, I’ve been busy with research, recipe development, and ample amounts of eating recipe testing.

The result is the first downloadable cookbook from Midpack Runner: Running Recipes: Chia-Powered Sole Food.

You can click here to learn more about it.

A whole cookbook about chia? Really?

Yes, really.

You see, over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten more than a dozen emails from readers just like you. They all say pretty much the same thing:

You’ve read Born to [...]

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Do you tell your friends or followers about your favorite Midpack Runner products? Would you like to earn some money in the process?

When you sign up for the Midpack Runner affiliate program, you’ll get your own unique link to share with your blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends. When one of them makes a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale.

Not bad for just sharing the products you love, eh?

Enough talk. How much do I make?

Running Recipes: Chia-Powered [...]

Banish Race Day Anxiety Once and for All

My hair stands a bit on end as I push out a few last striders through the crisp morning air.

I’ve done this same warmup before every race since I first started running. My muscles welcome the ritual, and they move through it with surprising ease even at this early hour.

Someone takes the microphone. It’s time for the runners to enter the corrals. I shake out briefly, then make my way toward my pace group.

The corrals are packed. I had no [...]

How to Fuel for Performance (Even if You Hate “Health Food”)

“We’re going on a diet!”

Was it really that time again already?

“I’m on a diet,” I tried to argue. “According to the dictionary, my diet is just the foods I eat, so…”

“You know what I mean.”

Somehow my brilliant logic had failed to convince my wife that my diet was fine the way it was.

“Besides,” she countered, “isn’t it about time you planned your training diet?”

She was right. With the off-season behind me, and the Amica Marathon coming up, I needed [...]

Fall Into Running With Candied Yam Chia Muffins

Is anyone else in hibernation mode already? Once fall hits, I may as well just hang up my running shoes and strap on a bib. No. Not a race bib.

As the leaves turn, so my thoughts turn to the bounty of the harvest. The good news is that squash, pumpkin, and yams (yams, as it turns out, are actually all sweet potatoes in the United States) are both good and good for you.

High in fiber and packed with [...]

Getting Back On The Proverbial Horse

Life is full of obstacles.

Some are small. Others, large.

Sometimes you see them coming but, most often, you don’t.

However, it’s not the bumps in the road that define your life. It’s how you react to them.

I’m embarrassed to say that, lately, I haven’t been dealing with them well.

We’re the Fugawi!

Since moving to Boston, I’ve been feeling a like the friendly Fugawi tribe. Google it. You’ll see my point.

Those of you who have been keeping track have probably noticed that it’s been [...]

The Wicked Sweet Sugar Q&A

Photo courtesy Uwe Hermann

Since I first published the recipes for my chia seed energy chews and energy gels, more than a few astute readers have contacted me with the same question.

Aren’t these recipes essentially just sugar?

You’re darn right they are! And with good reason, too. But, to explain, we’ll need to venture into a bit of a biology Q&A.

Strap on your lab coats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Okay. It’s been a while since [...]

Make Your Own Energy Chews (With Chia Seeds!)

How would you like to save a ton of money on your gels, chews, and sports beans? What if I told you that you could save, while also eating healthier?

For me, these gels and chews make up a substantial portion of my annual running budget. Or at least, they did.

The problem is that there are few really good commercial alternatives to these expensive, highly artificial gels, and chews. Compounding that problem is the necessity of staying well-fueled on longer runs. [...]

Death by Caffeine? Plus, An Easy Green Tea Concentrate

Image courtesy Jason Dunn

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be able to share my recipe for a natural, homemade chia energy gel with the folks at NoMeatAthlete. It’s a great recipe, especially for the cheap frugal among you. I strongly recommend you check it out.

One of the first comments mentioned something I’d been thinking about myself. My gel recipe, unlike the majority of commercial gels, doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Caffeine has been shown to improve [...]

5 Reasons You Need To Add Chia To Your Diet

Since posting the recipe for chocolate pinole, I’ve received a bunch of questions about chia seed. Perhaps not surprisingly, it seems most people still haven’t heard of the ancient “superfood” known as chia. Although, in reality, you’re probably more familiar with it than you think…

Loveable oaf… or source of ancient power? (image source)

Chia (salvia hispanica) is a plant in the mint family that is common to much of Mexico and Guatemala. Chia has [...]