Welcome to the Pack!

That’s right! Welcome! I think Chris Russell said it best.

Welcome to the secret society of “serious, but average” runners who fill out the midsection of our sport… Our membership rolls contain the names of has-been’s, never-were’s and a few will-be’s.

So whether you’re just joining us, have always been among our ranks, or are just stopping by on your way to bigger things, I say again: welcome!

That’s certainly not to say that the outliers of our fine sport aren’t welcome here. In fact, we’re a very inclusive group. We aren’t bothered that some runners are faster than we are, nor do we look down on our ambulating brethren. We realize that the greatest victory is just getting out the door.

I hope that any who pass through these virtual halls – who stop a moment to listen to a little midpack wisdom – can take something good away with them, be it large or small.

And speaking of inclusion…

Many people seem to run with a four-legged partner. However, in searching, I’ve found it difficult to uncover much information on the subject of training dogs to run and monitoring their health as they do.

To that end, I hope to distill the knowledge I’ve gained over my most recent canine partnership into a usable reference. Keely, my faithful running partner, came to me in 2005. Since then, I’ve learned much both from various veterinarians and hard won experience on the roads and trails.

I hope that those of you who have dogs, and those who may yet get one, will find this information helpful. Goodness knows, I wish I’d known all this before we started out.

About Tim Woodbury

Tim Woodbury and KeelyTim earned his place as a midpack runner on his high-school cross country team a long time ago. Over the years, he attempted to crack the top 10% with no real success.

Then, while reading a women’s magazine he mistook for Runner’s World in the doctor’s office waiting room, Tim realized that those who finish quickly aren’t as happy or satisfied as those with stamina. Since this epiphany, he has comfortably settled into his role as a midpacker, and is always striving to run longer distances.

In between running and writing about running, Tim spends his time working what he affectionately calls, “a day job,” as a programmer in the fitness industry. He also enjoys practicing kung fu, stretching and strengthening with yoga, and hiking all over the beautiful Northeast.