Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Do you tell your friends or followers about your favorite Midpack Runner products? Would you like to earn some money in the process?

When you sign up for the Midpack Runner affiliate program, you’ll get your own unique link to share with your blog readers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends. When one of them makes a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale.

Not bad for just sharing the products you love, eh?

Enough talk. How much do I make?

Running Recipes: Chia-Powered Sole Food is the first gourmet chia cookbook made specifically for endurance athletes. Unlike other health food cookbooks, this book was written with flavor in mind. Current Commission: 50%

Midpack Runner Technical Tees are made from high-quality, stain and odor resistant technical fabric. These A4 tees come in both Men’s and Women’s styles. Printed with the Midpack Runner logo on front, and the phrase “Run with the pack” on rear. Current Commission: 20%

Terms and Conditions

By signing up for the Midpack Runner affiliate program, you acknowledge receipt of and agreement to the following general terms and conditions:

  • Commission will be paid only on sales originating from a designated affiliate link. No commission is paid for links other than those generated through the affiliate dashboard. Additionally, no commission will be paid on purchases made by the affiliate or any agent thereof.
  • Payment is made via PayPal between the 15th and the end of the month for sales made during the previous calendar month.
  • You will not promote Midpack Runner products in a manner which would be deemed abusive or illegal, including but not limited to spamming or making false or misleading claims.
  • Midpack Runner reserves the right to change product prices without notice.
  • Midpack Runner reserves the right to change the terms of this program, including commission rates. By signing up for the affiliate mailing list below, you will receive 30 days notice prior to any such change. If you decline to join the mailing list, no notice will be provided.

For specific questions, contact me.

Sign up in 3 easy steps

  1. Click here to be taken to e-junkie, where you can sign up for the affiliate program. Registration is free and easy. From there you can generate your personalized affiliate links for the product(s) you wish to promote.
  2. Enter your email address in the form below to be added to the affiliate mailing list. As part of this list, you will receive notifications about new products, launch dates, and additional promotional opportunities. This is also the only way to be notified in the event of a change to these terms and conditions or commission rates.
  3. Check your email for a message from It is important that you click on the link in that email. This will finalize your registration.

Now you’re ready to start earning!


Please feel free to save these images and upload them wherever you are promoting Midpack Runner products.

Running Recipes: Chia-Powered Sole Food