Comment Policy

I consider your comments on this site every bit as important as anything I write. I think it’s important that more perspectives than just my own are voiced here. Having your input on these topics enhances our collective knowledge and brings a touch of community to this site.

That said, I’d like to take a quick moment to spell out a few basic commenting rules so that we all have the same expectations. This policy is in place to make sure that our community remains a safe, supportive place for people – from beginners to experts – to express their ideas.

1. Please fill out the comment form completely and correctly

When filling out the comment form, please put your name in the name field. If you’re a blogger, feel free to use your nom de plume.

However, if you want to avoid being tagged as spam, please, please do not use exclusively the name of your blog or other keywords. By filling in the website field, a hyperlink to your site will automatically be generated and attached to your name.

I’m quite sure your parents didn’t name you FreePS3dotCom or Local Locksmiths, so please don’t insult my intelligence by asking me to believe that they did. Comments failing to follow this rule are subject to deletion.

Please also use a valid email address when posting. I typically respond to comments directly in-line. However, should a comment merit a longer response or a response that I feel would derail the thread, I may wish to reply directly via email. I can’t do that if your email address doesn’t work.

Email addresses collected in this manner will never be shared or sold as per the Privacy Policy, and will be used exclusively to reply to your comment.

2. Please keep your comments germane

The comments are left open as a way to encourage dialog. However, please keep all comments relevant to the topic at hand. Rambling, off-topic comments take away from the discussion. Therefore, comments which are too far off topic may be edited, moved to a more relevant post, or deleted entirely.

3. Please mind your language and manners

I am a big proponent of free expression with the understanding that this is a family-friendly site. Please, as you comment, try to imagine you’re at dinner with your oldest, most conservative relative. If you wouldn’t read your comment aloud to that person, please edit it down to the point where you would. Comments which are profane will be edited, or deleted.

Also, on the topic of manners, I encourage the expression of differing points of view. Polite debate enriches us all. Please note that the key word in that sentence is polite. No personal attacks of any type will be tolerated on this site. Offending comments will be deleted.

4. Please link politely

I do allow links inside comments, but please keep them relevant. Also, be aware that comments containing two or more links (not counting the website field) will be held for moderation. This will delay your comment, sometimes significantly. Comments containing irrelevant links, or links to sites promoting inappropriate or illegal activity will be deleted.

5. Please, no advertising

I understand that certain articles may lend themselves well to on-topic links to a product that you manufacture or promote. However, the comment section is not an appropriate place to advertise such products. If you have a product that you feel would interest the readership here at Midpack Runner, please feel free to contact me to discuss the best way to get your product noticed. I promise we can do better than by burying a link in the comments.


All comments are the sole responsibility of their author. By submitting a comment, you represent that all comment content is your own, and further indemnify Midpack Runner and all of its agents against any and all liability.

I retain any additional rights not explicitly declared herein. This includes the rights to reproduce, edit, delete, or move any and all comments, and to block or ban any commenter found to be in consistent violation of these rules.

Finally, mistakes do happen from time to time. If you have submitted a comment adhering to these rules and it hasn’t appeared after a reasonable period of time, Contact Me and I’ll look into the issue.