Spring Into Summer Virtual 5K

Shoes and SwagIt seems as though this cold, wet spring may finally be giving way to summer here in the Pacific Northwest.

With the end of National Runner’s Month upon us (even if it is just some fancy marketing on the part of Dick’s Sporting Goods), and National Running Day arriving on June 1st, what better time to celebrate all things running? And what better way to celebrate than with a virtual race for a chance to win some real sweet running swag?

So if you like to run, and you want to win free stuff from a pair of the running community’s finest, read on to learn all the exciting details.

The rules of the road (race)

The rules are completely straightforward.

  1. Get in a run at a 5K distance (3.1 miles, just so we’re clear) anytime between May 25th and June 4th**. Time your run. Then come back here to enter your time in the form below. That’s all it takes!

    Since it’s been raised, if you don’t currently have any short runs on your schedule, feel free to take the best contiguous 5K segment of any run during the entry period.

The swag

There are a few prizes up for grabs in this race.

First, since this is MidpackRunner.com, the runner finishing closest to the middle of the pack will receive a signed copy of Christoper Russell’s fantastic book, The Mid-Packer’s Lament. This collection of short stories perfectly captures the spirit of the Mid-pack.

Second, as I mentioned when reviewing Bart Yasso’s book My Life on the Run, two lucky runners (one male, and one female) will be drawn at random from the remaining eligible entries. Those two runners will each receive a personalized copy of Bart’s book.

Now you know what you’re racing for. So get out there and have some fun.

Runners! To your marks!

Enter Your Time:

Entries for the Spring Into Summer 5K are now closed!

A list of the winners can be found here. Thanks to all runners who participated.

Once you’ve entered your time, leave me a comment telling me your thoughts about the race. Did you enjoy the virtual 5K? Is this something you’d like to see repeated here on Midpack Runner? Leave me some love.

The fine print:
Entries are limited to one per runner over the age of 18. There’s plenty of time if you feel you need a do-over. But only your first time will be accepted, so enter wisely.

Entries will be accepted until June 5th, and prizes will be awarded on or before June 10th. In order to be eligible to receive a prize, you must be a resident of the United States. However, I would still encourage international runners to participate.

In the event of a tie for the mid-pack prize, a winner will be drawn at random out of the finishers tied for position.

** Please note that, due to popular demand, the deadline for entry has been extended from June 1st to June 4th. Get those run times logged, folks.

  12 Responses to Spring Into Summer Virtual 5K
  1. Michael Frost

    Got my race in on Wednesday

    • Tim Woodbury

      Fantastic, Michael! Looks like you’re the time to beat. What was your terrain like?

      • Michael Frost

        Pretty flat, neighborhood streets.

  2. Max

    I got my run in on 6/1! Thanks!

    • Tim Woodbury

      Thanks, Max! Well done!

  3. Jane

    Prizes are good incentives to run on one of the hottest days of the year in Michigan so far. (Memorial day).

    • Tim Woodbury

      I’m jealous. How hot did it get there? I’ll swap you our 50-60′s. ;)

  4. Jenna

    My posted time was from a 5K I ran last Saturday. It was actually a PR for me, but with so many fast runners in my age group, I still managed to finish in the middle. :)

  5. Kimberly M

    I enjoyed my run. My time was slow for me, but I was running along the river (quarter-miles are marked, but I had to guess at the fraction) with lots of scenery and other folks to dodge along with dogs, ducks, and geese so I didn’t mind taking it easy.

  6. Ran a 5k on Friday, it was hot but I was happy to run in 25:48. My best 5k time on a race.

  7. I ran my 5k on 6/4. I haven’t run a 5k in just over 2 years…but I have run 4 half marathons since then. It definitely takes some getting used to running at that faster pace for 3 whole miles instead of just 400 or 800 intervals as part of my speed work :)

  8. We’re compiling a calendar of Virtual 5K races. Feel free to add yours: http://anywhere5k.com/add-your-race/

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