Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I get many things out of this blog, both tangible and intangible. In the interest of complete transparency, here are some of the things that I stand to gain from our relationship.

The Intangible

I say in all honesty that the intangible benefits I derive from blogging far outweigh any other motivation that I could have for working on this blog. At its core, this blog is a labor of love. I enjoy writing. I enjoy running. And I enjoy having the opportunity to share our collective journeys and experiences.

I enjoy sharing what I know. I find sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences to be a joy in-and-of-itself. I also enjoy learning from you all.

Every time someone takes something positive away from this blog, I feel I am making a lasting impact on a small part of the world. It truly is a gratifying experience.

The Tangible

This piece is certainly a bit more controversial but, again, honesty is paramount for me. There are parts of this blog which serve a business purpose. Domain registration, site design and maintenance, and hosting all cost money. Money that, at the time of this writing, I don’t recoup. To that end, there are pieces of this blog which are designed to help me break even. I do so in the following ways:

Affiliate Links
I only link to products that I have tried personally and think you will find value in as well. My posts aren’t littered with superfluous links to products that are completely unrelated to my articles, nor do I link to products that I’ve found to be sub par.

As a rule, if you click on a link in one of my articles and you land at a storefront, making a purchase through that vendor will likely send a few cents my way. Consider it killing two birds with one stone. You purchase a product you enjoy and would’ve purchased on your own anyway and, in the process, you help me to continue to keep this site up and running.

Free Products
The majority of my product reviews are of items I have purchased and enjoyed myself. However, I do occasionally receive free products for review. I will make explicit any product review where the item in question has been provided free of charge. Whether the product was purchased or provided, I strive to be completely impartial and to present both the positives and negatives. Good reviews are not for sale here.

In the cases where it is practical and sanitary (no used compression shorts or BodyGlide… sorry), these free items will find their way into contests and other giveaways.

Wrapping Up

So that’s a quick look at what I get from this blog. I hope that you have a good idea of what I stand for, and what I stand to gain from your reading. If any additional income streams eventually make their way onto this blog, they will be documented here and an announcement made on the main page.