Beyond Competition: Changing Your Relationship With Success

Everyone wants to be #1(Image Courtesy William Murphy)

Have you ever let a bad run slow you down? You’re not alone.

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately who, for one reason or another, are dissatisfied with their running performance.

For some, it’s missing the personal record (“PR” for any new runners in the audience) they had been hoping for. For others, it’s feeling like they’re not running far enough, or not training hard enough.

Regardless of the cause, [...]

Like Pain? 3 Tips Guaranteed To Get You Hit By A Car

It’s no secret that runners like pain.

We force our bodies to run farther, to move faster, and to work ever harder on our quest for pain and suffering. But all the marathons, hill sprints, and Yasso 800′s in the world have nothing on a vehicle-on-runner collision.

Of course, drivers generally try to avoid hitting pedestrians (honest!). Between the nasty mess created by the human body when struck at high speed, and the subsequent legal nightmare such a collision tends to cause, [...]

Review: Mark Remy’s “The Runner’s Field Manual”

Hot on the heels of 2009′s uproariously funny The Runner’s Rule Book, author and Runner’s World online editor, Mark Remy, has just released a companion volume, fully titled The Runner’s Field Manual: A Tactical (and Practical) Survival Guide.

I first became aware of The Runner’s Field Manual when I ran into Mark promoting the book at the Richmond Marathon. I was acquainted with Mark’s wry sense of humor from both his previous book and his blog, so I knew [...]

Contest: Running Merit Badge Sweepstakes

This is your chance to win your own copy of The Runner’s Field Manual. However, this is no ordinary volume being given away. Author Mark Remy has graciously offered to sign a copy of the book for the winner.

The winner will be drawn at random from the eligible entries, and each reader may earn up to five (5) entries. Between now and 11:59 PM PST on Thursday, January 27th, you can earn entries in the sweepstakes in the following [...]

What Kung Fu Teaches Us About Running

Image Courtesy The_way_of_the_warrior

This weekend marked the two year anniversary of my kung fu practice. Kung fu teaches us that all things are interconnected. Therefore, in honor of the occassion, I’d like to share a few kung fu lessons that I feel can be applied to running just as equally.
Kung Fu Lesson #1: Patience, Grasshopper.

As runners, especially (although, not exclusively) new runners, we have the tendency to expect instant gratification. Whether we’re trying to increase our endurance or increase [...]

5 Reasons You Need To Add Chia To Your Diet

Since posting the recipe for chocolate pinole, I’ve received a bunch of questions about chia seed. Perhaps not surprisingly, it seems most people still haven’t heard of the ancient “superfood” known as chia. Although, in reality, you’re probably more familiar with it than you think…

Loveable oaf… or source of ancient power? (image source)

Chia (salvia hispanica) is a plant in the mint family that is common to much of Mexico and Guatemala. Chia has [...]

Find Motivation With Social Networking

Do you have trouble sticking to your goals? Do you ever feel like you could succeed if you only had the proper motivation? The solution to your problem may be social networking. Don’t die laughing yet – just hear me out.

Feeling Unmotivated? Facebook!

I recently came across an article in Time discussing the normative effect of Facebook updates on marathoning. I’d been hearing about the record setting numbers of marathon participants for some time [...]

The Delicious Chocolate Pinole You Won’t Believe Is Good For You

What fuels your running?

For the members of the Rarámuri, also known as the Tarahumara, a traditional dish known as pinole fuels the epic runs described in Christopher McDougall’s Born To Run (direct).

Pinole (pronounced [pee'-nolay] or [pe-ao'-lay]) is a Mexican term that refers to a large set of foods made from parched and ground corn. The meal, referred to as masa harina, is traditionally combined with sugar and water to make the beverage [...]

Improve Your Mood In Just 5 Minutes

It was a wet and rainy weekend here in the pacific northwest. Even having been living out here for six years at this point, the rainy season never gets any easier – particularly since it often extends from late October through June. During my more sedentary days when I first moved out here, a rainy long weekend would have been pretty depressing. But in recent years I have discovered the secret to accepting, and even feeling [...]

10 Ways You Can Be SMARTER About Goals

One of the major components to happiness and personal satisfaction is having control over your own destiny.  It can be all too easy to fall into the trap of simply drifting, directionless, in life’s currents.  This sort of meaningless drifting can leave you feeling like a slave to the events taking place around you.  Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to seize control over you life.  It simply requires the will… and a good strategy.

The problem that many people face in trying to regain [...]