The Static Runner’s Guide To Embracing Change

Have you ever had a moment when you realized that something in your life just wasn’t working for you?

Don’t worry. I’m not implying anything about the future of Midpack Runner. You continue to be the highlight of my day.

I’m talking about the training plan that has you doing too much, too soon. Or the track workout that you were told you should be doing, but that you just hate. Or, hardest of all, the race you signed up to run that – whether due to injury, or lack of training – just isn’t going to happen.

The moment of recognition can be painful. You’ve mentally invested in a plan, a race, a workout. Suddenly you find yourself having to make a choice between the comfortable familiar and the dark, scary unknown.

Recalculating route…

The reality of life is that sometimes the things you plan just don’t work out as expected. When faced with that reality, your natural reaction is to struggle – to try and force the plan you’ve already invested in.

Matt Frazier phrases this quite well in his Marathon Roadmap. To paraphrase, life is like following a map. You make your plan and try your best to stick to it, but you can’t prevent wrong turns.

If you make a wrong turn, do you just keep following the same directions? No. To quote any GPS made in the last 5 years, you need to start “recalculating route”.

Rather than expend energy unnecessarily trying to force the comfortable path, it’s best to simply acknowledge that the path forward isn’t what you’d expected, and to let it go. Then decide on a new course that will get you to the finish.


Sure, change is difficult. But nothing easy was ever worth having.

Besides, without change life is all caterpillars and no butterflies – all winter and no spring. All good things come from change.

While that may not be comforting in the moment, if you trust in yourself and your ability to succeed, the unknown doesn’t hold anything you can’t overcome.

In running, as in life, when you release the things that are holding you back, you open the path to finding your own greatness.

What things are holding you back? How many times have you let fear keep you on the comfortable path? Leave me some love in the comments.


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