21 Uses For Your Old Race Bibs

If you race frequently, you’ve probably built up a lot of extra race swag. From tees to finishers medals to race bibs, all that race memorabilia starts to build up after a while. What is a runner to do?

Earlier this week, runners and readers on the Midpack Runner facebook page responded to that query regarding race bibs.

As you can see, answers were all across the spectrum.

I’ve saved all mine, they’re stowed away in my hutch. I find them a great reminder of strength & empowerment when I need one.

Make use of them. Go out and get some fresh lobster.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your race bibs – from serious to silly, wonderful to weird – here are the top 21 suggestions to put your bibs to good use.

Retire those bibs in style

  1. Turn old bibs into an amazing runner’s handbag, quilt, or windbreaker.
  2. Post all your bibs on your refrigerator. Extra points if you take a red pen and grade your races from A to F by finish time.
  3. As per Midpack Reader Chris’ suggestion, using a race bib and shoelaces, enjoy a night out at Red Lobster. Just don’t choke trying to finish first.
  4. Arrange old bibs in a scrapbook alongside pictures of the race. Add airline tickets, expo swag, or local flair for a more stunning presentation.
  5. Scan your old bibs into digital images. There are many sites that will custom print a tech tee from the image.
  6. Write your times on the back, then attach them to a loose leaf ring for easy flipping through.
  7. Know a special runner with a birthday coming up? Surprise them with a present wrapped in race bibs.
  8. Fold the bibs into origami running shoes.
  9. Create a collage out of race bibs, pictures, and a collection of inspiring expressions and poems.
  10. Since race bibs come with safety pins, fold a sturdy, sporty diaper for junior.
  11. Use the bibs from any particularly bad races to line a birdcage.
  12. Turn old race bibs into placemats or mousepads.
  13. Don’t like the color of your walls? Race bibs make great wallpaper.
  14. As a social experiment, pick your favorite bib and wear it all the time, regardless of your outfit. Run everywhere.
  15. Tape or pin old bibs to the ceiling in your bedroom to encourage good dreams about strong races. Some runners may choose to include a map of Kenya.
  16. Instead of Easter eggs, consider hiding running bibs. Give a large basket of candy to the child who finds them all first.
  17. A teacher from the Midpack Readers puts them up in her classroom to help inspire the kids she teaches to be active and fit.
  18. Along the same lines, give them to your kids to use as school book covers.
  19. Race bibs are made out of tyvek. After you amass enough, use them to replace your existing weatherproofing.
  20. Pin them up in your office at work, then reminisce about running during any conversation in your office. Be sure to point out specific bibs while speaking. It won’t take long for co-workers to stop interrupting your work. Or talking to you. Ever.

    And the most stunningly blunt suggestion:

  21. Circular file them! Who has time to reminisce when you should be out running more races?

I’m sure I’ve missed something. Readers, how would you use your race bibs? Share your tips in the comments!

  7 Responses to 21 Uses For Your Old Race Bibs
  1. Jerry

    I keep them in a 3 ring binder, along with the race brochure and/or pictures. Been running 3 years now, and it’s fun to add to the collection.

    • Tim Woodbury

      Hi, Jerry! That sounds like a great way to keep all your race memorabilia together. How thick is your binder so far?

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  3. Kristin Montoya

    For the crafty folks-
    cut one up for a set of 4 coasters (glue or decoupage them to 4×4 tile pieces or wood square with cloth or felt on bottom)
    Decoupage them to a box, chair, stool, table, frame or anything else for that matter! It makes a great conversational piece!
    I do most of my races with my mom so I bought a cheap wood frame, decoupaged some on the border then put a picture of us at a race in the frame- a great gift!

  4. [...] creative ways to display your bibs aside from just taping them to a wall. Click here for a list of 21 Uses for your Old Race Bibs on Midpackrunner.com. Below are some of my favorite ideas from the world wide [...]

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  6. Terri

    I used about 12 of my race bibs to be sewn into a tote bag.


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